Rhys Lee

© Courtesy of Rhys Lee and cadet capela

Né en 1975 à Brisbane, AU
Vit et travaille à Melbourne, AU

Curriculum vitae

Expositions personnelles et en duo
  • 2023
    Fortunate Errors of Politeness, Alice Gallery, Brussels, BE
  • Weather Maps, Nicholas Thompson Gallery, Melbourne, AU
  • Sometimes I’m a Tree, Dio Horia, Athens, GR
  • 2022
    Applism, NBB Gallery, Berlin, DE
  • 2021
    Recent Paintings, Nanda\Hobbs, Chippendale, AU
  • Recent Paintings, Nicholas Thompson Gallery, Melbourne, AU
  • 2020
    Recent Paintings, Nicholas Thompson Gallery, Melbourne, AU
  • Singles and B-sides, PaulNache Gallery, Gisborne, NZ
  • 2019
    Recent Paintings, cadet capela, Paris, FR
  • Works on paper, duo with McLean Edwards, Nicholas Thompson Gallery, Melbourne, AU
  • Recent Paintings, Nicholas Thompson Gallery, Melbourne, AU
  • It’s Not Who But What, Nicholas Thompson Gallery, Melbourne, AU
  • 2018
    Good Boy, Olsen Gruin Gallery, New York, NY, US
  • Whistle World, Nicholas Thompson Gallery, Melbourne, AU
  • Recent Paintings, Olsen, Sydney, AU
  • 2017
    10 Paintings & 100 Drawings, Nicholas Thompson Gallery, Melbourne, AU
  • A Knife Through A Hand Through A Table, Ruttkowski;68, Köln, DE
  • Riders, Paul Nache, Gisborne, NZ
  • 2016
    Spit shine, Nicholas Thompson Gallery, Melbourne, AU
  • Jungle Rum Rumble, Jan Murphy Gallery, Melbourne, AU
  • 2014
    Long Knives, Art House Gallery, Sydney, AU
  • Kooka Snake Clown, The Art Park #7 Artist in Residence, Byron Bay, AU
  • Recent Works, Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane, AU
  • A Bag Of Ears, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne, AU
  • 2013
    New Work, JCP Studios, Melbourne, AU
  • Drawing Wall #12, Shepparton Art Museum, Victoria, AU
  • New Work, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne, AU
  • Cracked Pots, Venn Gallery, Perth, AU
  • 2012
    New Work, Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane, AU
  • 2011
    Scarecrow, Karen Woodbury Gallery, Melbourne, AU
  • New Work, Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney, AU
  • 2010
    Drawings from New York & Peru, Block Projects, Melbourne, AU
  • New Work, Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane, AU
  • Paintings w/ J. Kibel, Block Projects, Melbourne, AU
  • 2009
    Everglades Cavalier, Karen Woodbury Gallery, Melbourne, AU
  • 2008
    New Paintings, Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney, AU
  • Ripple People, Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane, AU
  • Works on Paper, Apartment 2c, 152 Ludlow Street, New York, NY, US
  • 2007
    New Paintings, Helen Gory Galerie, Melbourne, AU
  • Heads, Helen Gory Galerie, Melbourne, AU
  • Snake, Tim Olsen Queen Street Gallery, Sydney, AU
  • 2006
    Gaggedfix, Helen Gory Galerie, Melbourne, AU
  • Pinkeye, Art Galleries Schubert, Gold Coast, AU
  • 2005
    Twinkles Twinkle, Helen Gory Galerie, Melbourne, AU
  • Rims & Kwows Pits, Art Galleries Schubert, Gold Coast, AU
  • 2004
    Salads & Forecasts, Helen Gory Galerie, Melbourne, AU
  • Squad of Crack two, Volume Gallery, New York, NY, US
  • Squad of Crack, Melbourne Next Wave Festival, Melbourne, AU
  • Mountain peaks but not always, Helen Gory Galerie, Melbourne, AU
  • 2003
    Try This In The Forest At Once, Helen Gory Galerie, Melbourne, AU
  • Capitol Hill Rooting King, curated by Hannah Mathews, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne, AU
  • 2002
    Thoop Bort, Helen Gory Galerie, Melbourne, AU
  • 2001
    Dries Instantly, Helen Gory Galerie, Melbourne, AU
  • Untitled, Rubyayre Gallery, Sydney, AU
  • 2000
    Untitled, Loft Gallery, Fortitude Valley, Queensland, AU
  • It’s Not About Them, Rubyayre Gallery, Sydney, AU
  • Stealing By Finding, Helen Gory Galerie, Melbourne, AU
Expositions collectives
  • 2022
    After hope, Dio Horia Gallery, Athens, GR
  • Natural Selection, co-curated by Joe Chira, Room 57 Gallery, New York, NY, US
  • 2021
    Eccentric Riders, cadet capela, Paris, FR
  • Stay Tuned, curated by Sasha Bogojev, Woaw Gallery, Hong Kong, HK
  • 2020
    Private Collection, Calm and Punk Gallery, Online
  • The Dividing Line, Fluorescent Smogg, Online
  • 2019
    Don’t Give A Damns, curated by Sasha Bogojev, Marian Cramer, Amsterdam, NL
  • Mixed Pickles 6, Ruttkowski;68, Köln, DE
  • Rude Assembly Part 4, curated by Max Berry, Above the Tool Shed, Taylor Square, Sydney, AU
  • Vignettes, Richard Heller Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, US
  • Group Show, cadet capela, Montpellier, FR
  • Vignettes, Richard Heller Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, US
  • Mixed Pickles 5, Ruttkowski;68, Berlin, DE
  • 2018
    18-XCI, Alice Gallery, Brussels, BE
  • Monomania, George Gallery, New York, NY, US
  • 2017
    PABLOPABLOPABLO, Cabinet Printemps, Dussledorf, DE
  • 2016
    Group Show, BEERS London, London, GB
  • 2015
    Shots Off The Dices, Curated by Rhys Lee, Nicholas Thompson Gallery, Melbourne, AU
  • Opening Exhibition, Nicholas Thompson Gallery, Melbourne, AU
  • Bad Painters, Sheffer Gallery, Sydney, AU
  • More love hours, The Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne, AU
  • 2012
    New Work, Melbourne Art Fair, Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane, AU
  • Archibald Prize, Art Gallery NSW, Sydney, AU
  • 2011
    Basic Instinct, Karen Woodbury Gallery, Melbourne, AU
  • Straddie, Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane, AU
  • 1.85 Million: Art Peripheries, Campbelltown Arts Centre, NSW, AU
  • New Acquisition, University of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane, AU
  • 2010
    The Navigators, Karen Woodbury Gallery, Melbourne, AU
  • Group Show, Karen Woodbury Gallery, Melbourne, AU
  • Immemorial Manila, Vargas Museum, University of the Philippines, Philippines, PH
  • Beleura National Works on Paper, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Victoria, AU
  • 2009
    Self Portrait Prize, University of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane, AU
  • Painting Prize, Bendigo Regional Art Gallery, Victoria, AU
  • Head, Rex Irwin Gallery, Sydney, AU
  • Doug Moran National Portrait Prize, State Library of NSW, Sydney, AU
  • Sculpture, Blackstone Gallery, New York, NY, US
  • 2008
    Neo Goth Back in Black, University of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane, AU
  • Figure in a Landscape, Rex Irwin Gallery, Sydney, AU
  • 2 x 2 Group Exhibition, Tim Olsen Gallery Annex, Sydney, AU
  • Contemporaneous: Australian Contemporary Painting 1, Wangaratta Exhibitions Gallery, Victoria, AU
  • 2007
    Group Show, Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane, AU
  • 2001
    Fresh Conference, Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, Sydney, AU
  • Aviary, Patrizia Autore Gallery, Melbourne, AU
  • 2000
    Rubyayre Gallery, Sydney, AU
  • Swan Hill National Print and Drawing Acquisitive Awards, Swan Hill Regional Gallery, Victoria, AU
  • 1999
    The Hutchins Art Prize, Salamanca Place, Hobart Power House Centre For The Arts, Brisbane, AU
  • 2022
    Melbourne Art Fair, (Solo), Nicholas Thompson Gallery, Melbourne, AU
  • 2021
    Explore Sydney Contemporary, (Solo), Nicholas Thompson Gallery, AU
  • 2020
    Melbourne Art Fair, Nicholas Thompson Gallery, Melbourne, AU
  • 2019
    Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2019, Richard Heller Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, US
  • 2015
    The Mask of the Female Crane Fly, (Solo), Nicholas Thompson Gallery at Sydney Contemporary, Sydney, AU
  • 2010
    Melbourne Art Fair, Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane, AU
  • 2006
    Melbourne Art Fair, (Solo), Helen Gory Galerie, Melbourne, AU
  • National Gallery of Australia, AU
  • Artbank, AU
  • United Bank of Switzerland, CH
  • BHP Billiton, AU
  • Sothebys
  • University of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane, AU
  • 2012
    Finalist in the Archibald Prize, AU
  • 1997
    Bachelor of Visual Arts, Graphic Design, Queensland College of Art, Brisbane, AU