Nu digital

© Courtesy of Brandon Lipchik and cadet capela
© Credits photo: cadet capela

Brandon Lipchik

October 15 — 21, 2018

Rue Saint Claude, Paris, FR

In continuity with The Garden, presented in Brooklyn last February, this first exhibition of Brandon Lipchik in France deals with the male nude by an astonishing use of the digital language and “digital” in the literal sense.

Man appears uninhibited, distancing himself from the concept of the ideal man whose origins date back to antiquity but the permanence is quite disturbing.

The work of Lipchik does not intend to portray the man as a god, hero or invulnerable soldier. By taking ownership of the original representations of man, his paintings are intended to reveal his nature publicly. If postures and certain attractions and his characters are deliberately evocative, the details he affixed by small marks, painting or material, recall the actuality of the subject.

Lipchik invites the public to immerse themselves in the intimacy of these ordinary men. Here, the male nude exposes himself freely. Without questioning its importance, the colors used and the perfect approximation of features allow us to approach this societal theme with lightness, as is done systematically in Lipchik’s work.

Lipchik works in several steps. Preparatory work done on the computer emanates a pictorial representation, which helps him to overcome the characteristic of the digital plot. Through the addition of materials and controlled shadows, he reconstructs the supposed flat digital image as reference to his paintings.

Brandon Lipchik was born in 1993 in Pennsylvania and currently lives and works in Brooklyn. He studied at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Providence, RI.