Kazuma Koike

© Courtesy of Kazuma Koike and cadet capela

Born in 1980 in Kanagawa, Japan
Lives and works in Osaka, Japan

He spent his childhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and attended a high school in Barcelona, Spain. He graduated from the Department of Sculpture, College of Art at Nihon University.
He has produced ceramic sculptures, drawings, and paintings with motifs of ancient gods, pots, big cats, plants and pineapples. With the theme of “Fictional Ancient Artifacts”, artworks created by mixing images from different places/periods have a unique floating feeling as if they do not belong to anywhere. Koike says his interests are “the state where different elements coexist in harmony” or “the processing that changes the purpose and meaning of things”.
Recent solo exhibitions have been held at cadet capela (Paris), Omuro Museum (Mie), AishoNanzuka (Hong Kong) and Tezukayama Gallery (Osaka).

Curriculum vitae

Solo and two-person exhibitions
  • 2024
    In The Year of the Dragon, with Jordy Kerwick, Aishonanzuka, Hong Kong, HK
  • 2023
    Stille, with Henrik Godsk, HAGD Contemporary, Aalborg, DK
  • Djordje Ozbolt and Kazuma Koike, with Djordje Ozbolt, Aishonanzuka, Hong Kong, HK
  • Prayer, cadet capela, Paris, FR
  • 2022
    KOISHI-KEI, with Toru Ishii, Sokyo Gallery, Kyoto, JP
  • 2021
    Cama, with Shuhei Yamada, Mitsukoshi Contemporary Gallery, Tokyo, JP
  • Kazuma Koike, OMURO MUSEUM, Mie, JP
  • 2020
    Solo exhibition, Tezukayama Gallery, Osaka, JP
  • 2019
    Solo exhibition, Aishonanzuka, Hong Kong, HK
  • Cama, with Shuhei Yamada, Vou, Kyoto, JP
  • 2017
    Buddha Blues, Tezukayama Gallery, Osaka, JP
  • 2016
    In a Thicket, Nihon University College of Art, A&D Gallery, Tokyo, JP
  • Eclipse, Aishonanzuka, Hong Kong, HK
  • 2014
    Neutral Palm Square, Tezukayama Gallery, Osaka
  • 2013
    Hermit and Bottled Water, Aishonanzuka, Hong Kong, HK
  • Float, Aisho Miura Arts, Tokyo, JP
  • 2012
    Hallucinations, Aisho Miura Arts, Tokyo, JP
  • 2011
    Repetitions and Variations, Aisho Miura Arts, Tokyo, JP
  • 2010
    The quest, Aisho Miura Arts, Tokyo, JP
  • A silent moment at Veronica island, with Yasuyoshi Botan, hpgrg Gallery, Tokyo, JP
  • Blinks, hpgrg Gallery, Tokyo, JP
  • 2009
    Trance, Aisho Miura Arts, Tokyo, JP
Group exhibitions
  • 2023
    Solidaholic, Tezukayama Gallery, Osaka, JP
  • Black, Puls Contemporary, Brussels, BE
  • Twice upon a time, Akrilyc, London, GB
  • Twice upon a time, Akrilyc, Brussels, BE
  • Mitsukoshi Gallery, Tokyo, JP
  • Inception, HAGD Contemporary, Aalborg, DK
  • Kuroobianaconda 05 Sukiyaki, Aishonanzuka, Hong Kong, HK
  • 2022
    Kurobikari, The Shophouse, Hong Kong, HK
  • Mikado2 - My Baby Collection, Tezukayama Gallery, Osaka, JP
  • Kuroobianaconada 04 Tempura, Sokyo Lisbon, Lisbon, PT
  • End of Eden, Galerie Wolfsen, Aalborg, DK
  • Tokyo Nights Vol. 4, Block House, Tokyo, JP
  • Intersection , Aishonanzuka, Hong Kong, HK
  • Tokyo Nights Vol. 3, Block House, Tokyo, JP
  • 2021
    Kuroobianaconda 03 Sanmaioroshi, Tezukayama Gallery, Osaka, JP
  • Mikado2 , Zuiun-an, Kyoto, JP
  • Hello Konnichiwa, Aishonanzuka, Hong Kong, HK
  • Re: Focus vol.5, Tezukayama Gallery, Osaka, JP
  • 2020
    Kuroobianakonda 02 Wagiri, The 5th Floor, Tokyo, JP
  • 2018
    Re: Focus vol.3, Tezukayama Gallery, Osaka, JP
  • 2017
    Enokojima Art Days 2017: Other Ways, enoco, Osaka, JP
  • 2015
    Waxing and Waning, hpgrp Gallery, Tokyo, JP
  • 2013
    Gallery Show, Aishonanzuka, Hong Kong, HK
  • Hell / Summer / Landscape, Aisho Miura Arts, Tokyo, JP
  • 2011
    Group Show 2, Aisho Miura Arts, Tokyo, JP
  • 2010
    Group Show 1, Aisho Miura Arts, Tokyo, JP
  • The 5th Daikokuya Contemporary Art Award Exhibition, Daikokuya, Tochigi, JP
  • No Man’s Land, French embassy, Tokyo, JP
  • 2009
    Showcase, Aisho Miura Arts, Tokyo, JP
  • 2008
    Japan Now, Inter Alia Art Company, Seoul, KR
  • 2007
    Casino Royale, Scai The Bathhouse, Tokyo, JP
  • 2023
    Asia NOW 2023, cadet capela, Paris, FR
  • Art Brussels , cadet capela, Brussels, BE
  • 2022
    Art Taipei 2022, Taipei World Trade Center, Tezukayama Gallery, Taipei, TW
  • Tri-Flod, What Cafe, Tezukayama Gallery, Tokyo, JP
  • One Art Taipei 2022, The Sherwood Taipei, Tezukayama Gallery, Taipei, TW
  • 2021
    Delta 2021, CASO, Tezukayama Gallery, Osaka, JP
  • Art Collaboration Kyoto, Kyoto International Conference Center, Tezukayama Gallery, Kyoto, JP
  • Multiple Art Days , Fiminco Foundation, Bomma, Romainville, FR
  • Art Osaka 2021 , Osaka City Central Public Hall, Tezukayama Gallery, Osaka, JP
  • 2020
    Art021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Aishonanzuka, Shanghai, CN
  • ArtTNZ, Terrada Art Complex II, Tezukayama Gallery, Tokyo, JP
  • Delta Experiment, Tezukayama Gallery, Osaka, JP
  • 2016
    Volta 12 (Solo), Markthalle Basel, Tezukayama Gallery, Basel, CH
  • Volta NY (Solo), PIER 90, Tezukayama Gallery, New York, US
  • 2015
    ART15, Olympia London, Tezukayama Gallery, England, GB
  • 2014
    Context Art Miami, Context Art Miami Pavillon, Tezukayama Gallery, Miami, US
  • The Art Fair + Plus-Ultra, Spiral, Tezukayama Gallery, Tokyo, JP
  • 2013
    Art Toronto, The Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Tezukayama Gallery, Toronto, CA
  • 2011
    Ultra004, Spiral, Aisho Miura Arts, Tokyo, JP
  • Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair, Mandarin Oriental, Aisho Miura Arts, Hong Kong, HK
  • 2010
    Ultra003, Spiral, Aisho Miura Arts, Tokyo, JP
  • Young Art Taipei, Sunworld Dynasty, Aisho Miura Arts, Taipei, TW
  • Art Fair Tokyo, Tokyo International Forum, Aisho Miura Arts, Tokyo, JP
  • Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, Aisho Miura Arts, Hong Kong, HK
  • 2009
    Ultra002, Spiral, Aisho Miura Arts, Tokyo, Aisho Miura Arts
  • Art Taipei, Taipei World Trade Center, Scai The Bathhouse, Taipei, TW
  • 2008
    Scope Miami, hpgrp Gallery, Miami, US
  • Yokohama Art & Home Collection, hpgrp Gallery, Yokohama, JP
  • Aosando Art Fair, hpgrp Gallery, Tokyo, JP
  • Art@Agnes Hotel Art Fair, Agnes Hotel, Scai The Bathhouse, Tokyo, JP
  • 2021
    Ise City Creater Workcation, Mie, JP
  • 2003
    BFA, Nihon University College of Art, Tokyo, JP