La lapine de luxe

© Courtesy of Ryan Wilde and cadet capela
© Credits photo: Thomas Marroni

Ryan Wilde

October 21 — November 20, 2021

54 rue Chapon, 75003 Paris

La Lapine de Luxe comprises a small suite of sculptures and accompanying paintings, that are product of Ryan Wilde’s accomplished career in millinery, the influence of and interest in painting, and her personal experiences in the context of fabricated, desired, and imposed identities.

Dominated by the Playboy bunny-like characters, the paintings are referencing a wide range of classical works in which women are used as a symbol or a decorative element rather than unique individuals. Hyper sexualized and objectified they sometimes expand into sculptural sphere with features that show the superficial and forced perfection on the surface while covering up the literal and figurative hollowness underneath.

This coherent idea that permeates the work both visually and contextually creates a compact presentation that is closely tied up with her continuously expanding and refining oeuvre and is perfectly fitting in the ambience of the French capital.

Saša Bogojev