Embodied Perspectives: A Dialogue in Forms

© Courtesy of Douglas Rieger, Clara Rivault, Effie Wanyi Li and cadet capela
© Credits photo: Thomas Marroni

Douglas Rieger, Clara Rivault, Effie Wanyi Li

January 27 — February 24, 2024

13 rue Béranger, 75003 Paris

The group exhibition “Embodied Perspectives” brings together the distinct artistic expressions of Douglas Rieger, Clara Rivault, and Effie Wanyi Li, each delving into the intricacies of the human body in nuanced and evocative ways. These three artists, despite their diverse backgrounds and mediums, share a common thread: an unrestricted  exploration of the body as a vessel, a narrative, and a site of contemplation.

American artist Douglas Rieger’s sculptures, while implying the human figure, defy exact anatomical representation. Through the integration of industrial materials, Rieger crafts compositions that elicit a multitude of meanings depending on context. His work weaves an intricate dance between soft tones and mechanistic elements, experiencing an ambiguous sexual language and inviting viewers to reconsider perceptions of sexuality through a lens of seduction and tension.

French artist Clara Rivault, based in Paris, navigates a rich tapestry of traditional techniques, from bronze to blown glass, ceramics, and porcelain. Her recent focus on stained glass introduces a meticulous creative process that crystallizes mythologies and the tangible world, intertwining organic materials and living tissues to sculpt narratives that resonate with the viewer.

Effie Wanyi Li, a Chinese artist based in London, undertakes a profound investigation into the internal mechanisms of the body, both physical and psychological. Her paintings serve as a synchronous dialogue with her body and mind, exploring the alternative structures within the human form and the visceral reactions induced by mental states.

“Embodied Perspectives” invites viewers to engage in a sensorial journey to encounter the human body through the lenses of diverse mediums and cultural perspectives. This exhibition questions the body as a canvas, a medium, and a language, inviting contemplation on the shared and individual narratives etched into our corporeal existence.