Huang Ko Wei

© Courtesy of Huang Ko Wei and cadet capela

Born in Taipei in 1988
Lives and works in Taipei

Huang Ko Wei holds a BFA and an MFA degree from the Taipei National University of the Arts.

In his acrylic paintings, the artist delves into the theme of fluidity both in painterly language and his identity as an academically trained painter. In Huang’s deftly portrayed human figures, animals, and architectural space, the tension between ambiguity and legibility not only reveals the intentionally blurred boundary between representation and abstraction, an active response to the history of painting, but also indicates the artist’s relentless attempt at breaking free from the existing aesthetic convention. Huang’s meticulously balanced treatment of dynamic and static tones on canvas seeks to provide a distant, achronological yet universal visual experience, reflecting the gaps in the art history of postcolonial Taiwan.

His solo exhibitions include: False Mirror, Gallery Vacancy, Shanghai, 2023; Puzzle, AKI Gallery, Leipzig, 2021; Roll, AKI Gallery, Taipei, 2021; One Die, AKI Gallery, Taipei, 2021; Phantom Gray, AKI Gallery, Taipei, 2015; Irrational Number, VT Artsalon, Taipei, 2013; Post-Paradise, Agora Art Salon, Taipei, 2011. Selected group exhibitions at: Gallery Vacancy, Shanghai; 2020 Taiwan Biennial, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung; Eslite Gallery, Taipei; dmwe Art Gallery, Taichung; Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Art, Kaohsiung.

Curriculum vitae

Solo and two-person exhibitions
  • 2024
    Tunneling, cadet capela, Paris, FR
  • 2023
    False Mirror, Gallery Vacancy, Shanghai, CN
  • 2021
    Puzzle, AKI Gallery, Leipzig, DE
  • Roll, AKI Gallery, Taipei, TW
  • 2020
    One Die, AKI Gallery, Taipei, TW
  • 2015
    Phantom Gray, AKI Gallery, Taipei, TW
  • 2013
    Irrational number, VT Art salon, Taipei, TW
  • 2011
    Post-Paradise, Agora Art salon, Taipei, TW
Group exhibitions
  • 2023
    Our Week, Gallery Vacancy, Seoul, KR
  • 2022
    Self-Dismiss, Gallery Vacancy, Shanghai, CN
  • 2021
    Vacation, Gallery Vacancy, Shanghai, CN
  • 2019
    Luxuriant, Eslite Gallery, Taipei, TW
  • 2016
    Visual See, Feel, dmwe art Gallery, Taichung, TW
  • The 14th Taoyuan Contemporary Arts Award, A.F.M.C, Taoyuan, TW
  • Kaohsiung Awards 2016, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Art, Kaohsiung, TW
  • 2014
    The Spine of Spectrum, KdMoFA, Taipei, TW
  • Nature Point, 102 Gallery, Tainan, TW
  • Y.E.S Taiwan, AKI gallery, Taipei, TW
  • MICRO NATURE, The Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung, TW
  • 2013
    The Decay of the Angel, KdMoFA, Taipei, TW
  • YOGO, TNUA, Underground Art Gallery, Taipei, TW
  • 2012
    ArtSpace@TPK, Taipei, TW
  • 2011
    Nintender, VT Art salon, Taipei, TW
  • Summer Style, PiaoPiao, Taipei, TW
  • Creating Space, VT Art salon, Taipei, TW
  • Outstanding Art Prize, KdMoFA, Taipei, TW
  • 2010
    Bubble Star, TNUA, Underground Art Gallery, Taipei, TW
  • 2020
    Sub-zoology: 2020 Taiwan Biennial, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, TW
  • 2015
    Art Taichung, Millennium Vee Hotel, Taichung, TW
  • 2014
    Next Art Tainan, Your Fun Apartment, Tainan, TW
  • X Museum, Beijing, CN
  • 2016
    Shortlisted Candidate, The 14th Taoyuan Contemporary Arts Award, Taoyuan, TW